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Chief Operating Officer
1 (704) 464-0460
1 (704) 360-8725

As ASCENSION LAW’s Chief Operating Officer, Gina is responsible for the daily operations of the firm, all while working closely with the Managing Partner, Principals, and the Firm’s Management Team. In addition to overseeing personnel, Gina works with such aspects as budget factors, benefits and clients service, always looking for ways to increase efficiency or improvement. She has spent much of her recent time planning and addressing the Firm’s exciting growth, especially with regards to members ad physical space. Gina recognizes the diversification that presents itself in a growing firm and appreciates the opportunities arising from the growth. She enjoys seeing an overall view of the Firm, and within that, everyone’s role and participation making the Firm complete and whole. Gina takes personal pride in being a part of the ASCENSION LAW family.

Gina attributes her 25+ years of experience in the legal profession, in several roles, to be a huge asset to her contribution to the Firm.