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“To a hammer, every problem is a nail.” Too often, litigators exemplify this cliché and pursue expensive litigation in response to any (and every) problem. While lawsuits and aggressive litigation can be effective tools, these actions also require extensive time and expense. These should not be the only tools a litigator uses; every dispute does not require a lawsuit. Our litigation team is committed to partnering with clients to understand their legal and business goals. If disputes require litigation, we have the tenacity, experience, and resources needed to bring a positive outcome. However, we also have the wisdom and perspective to recognize circumstances in which the best solution is to avoid the time and cost of unproductive litigation. We can help you find other solutions that resolve disputes and allow you to get back to growing your business. Our litigation team has a conducted dozens of trials in State and Federal courts throughout the country. We have managed teams of attorneys in sprawling, multi-party lawsuits. We also know how to handle the smaller-but- important matters in a way that is both effective and efficient. Ascension Law, will work with you to find the approach that gets your business closer to its goals.

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They are wonderful and very professional people and they speak Spanish very well, Thank you, thank you!
We were introduced to Ascension Law over a year ago and have never looked back. Our needs were for a firm to handle collections and our business highly recommends Ascension Law. Penny and David guided us through the obstacles and took a great deal of burden off our shoulders. We can not say enough about the support staff and the wiliness to go the extra mile to make sure all questions and concerns were handled and answered immediately. One of the finest firms in the Charlotte Area and our thanks to Brandy and Danielle for their dedication in making sure the client is Number One!
The first thing that drew me to this law firm was the fact this is a female-owned firm (and as a female entrepreneur myself, I look to do business with other female-founded firms when possible.) Later when I engaged with them for business I realized that they could offer me the skills and experience of a big firm, but the personalized service of a small firm. Bravo!
Brandy Milazzo and her team were very responsive firm with first class support at reasonable prices. They helped me structure my new company and have supported us all along the way. Highly recommend.